Dry Gummed Paper A4 83gsm | 100 sheets

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Graphic Gummed 80 (Offset/Laser) is an 83gsm remoisten-able gummed paper manufactured with a special gum arabic adhesive.

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Graphic Gummed 80 (Offset/Laser) is a remoistenable gummed paper manufactured with a special adhesive coating and new production methods to give a lay-flat product with a smooth dust free surface on the adhesive side.

Graphic Gummed combines excellent flatness with clean conversion. It uses a 70g/m2 paper with good whiteness and excellent absorbency.

Printable by flexography and offset lithography, Graphic Gummed 83gsm can also be a suitable media for many laser printers and can be printed at 250°C. When using variable information printers, customers should satisfy themselves of the product’s performance for individual applications and on particular machines.

Product Properties

Total Weight: 83 g/m2 comprising 70gsm face paper and 13gsm of adhesive. ISO 536 Typical Product Caliper: 100μ ISO 534
Density: 783 dm3/kg
Opacity%: 90

Roughness: 250 ml/min (Bendtsen) PH: 7-9

Graphic Gummed Remoistenable
Graphic Gummed can be activated by water that is applied either automatically or semi-automatically by spray, roller or brush or manually using sponge or similar.
Once activated Graphic Gummed has a good initial tack and dries to a strong final bond. It will adhere to a wide variety of common surfaces, such as paper, cardboard and some glass.
Note: Graphic Gummed 83 gsm will not stick to most plastics or certain metals, for example aluminum. Any assessment should allow the bond to dry fully before testing.
Graphic Gummed may not be suitable for applications which rely on wet tack strength.

Composition: Solvent based adhesive Activated by: water, moisture
Food contact: indirect


Graphic Gummed products can be recycled with paper based packaging or alternatively removed from any packaging by soaking in warm water, some additional abrasion may be required.

Printing on gummed side

Graphic Gummed can be printed on the gummed side using waterless inks bearing in mind that the adhesive is moisture activated. Print should be line or half tones to ensure adhesion is maintained as solid print can neutralize gumming by inhibiting moisture penetration to the adhesive. Alternatively an unprinted border can be left around areas of heavy coverage.
A test print is recommended to ensure complete satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 2 cm


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