The Perforating House is a leading manufacturer of perforated paper and retail point of sale ticketing systems, providing innovative sustainable project solutions driven by a deep understanding of our customers needs.

Engaging with our clients in a proactive way, The Perforating House delivers perforated paper projects and solutions that exceed our customers expectations.

With over 50 years experience developing projects in a wide range of environments and applications within the Retail, Education & Training , Healthcare and Business2Business sectors.

Our growth is powered through innovation. We continually seek new solutions to serve evolving client challenges many of exist due the changing nature of paper and printing systems. Issues such as performance, accuracy, affordability and sustainability. Solutions to these challenges can only come about through significant engagement with our clients along with an unparalleled understanding of the paper, printing and machine engineering industries.



The Perforating House Advantage

Trusted and highly skilled in a complete range of complex mechanical engineering solutions, The Perforating House has the experience and insight to optimise the planning and execution of your perforated paper projects.